Enterprise Introduction

Enterprise Introduction

Enterprises coexisting with customers
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Hello everyone, I am Xuan Yishan, the representative director of Zhentai, a global comprehensive accessories enterprise< Thank you to everyone who cares about Zhentai and visits the website. Wishing everyone health and happiness.

Since 2003, Zhentai has continuously promoted the specialization of component cleaning and coating in the semiconductor and DISPLAY industries, localizing diversified semiconductor equipment accessories and providing One Stop comprehensive solutions until coating and coating cleaning, expanding its business scope.

Recently, with the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, driverless, artificial intelligence and other fourth industries, the demand for DRAM,
nand flash memory and other semiconductors continues to increase, and semiconductor manufacturing engineering also tends to be micro and highly integrated< Provide the best solution to meet the diverse demands of customers for this rapid change, ensuring new quality and moving customers.

In addition, in order to sustain growth, Zhentai will expand its new cleaning, coating, processing, and service markets through research and development, improve quality service levels, and provide services that meet customer needs by continuously improving the working environment and adhering to delivery dates